29x21cm Giclee print on Hahnemühle Archival paper.

Limited edition of 25 in total numbered and signed.

Original painted with watercolour & gouache by Merny
January 2022


Alan heard the cost of living was going up.

The government announced it on the radio.

“All the billionaires want a new yacht and everyone will have to cough up.”

The cost of each breath will increase by 23%.

The cost of a poo will increase fourfold.

Walking will be billed at 35p a step and sleep will be charged on a monthly tariff with a standing charge of £6 a day.

You will be allowed to buy a bundle of thoughts from EE. 3000 thoughts for £9.

Blinks will no longer be subsidised by the government and eyebrows will be charged at a standard rate.

Alan wondered how he will afford the new costs of living. The newspapers say if he just cuts back on Starbucks and Netflix and stays as still as possible he could probably scrape by and live a happy life.

The papers told Alan to pull his socks up (£27 per sock.) and work hard.

Alan wasn’t sure that would work. But he’d have to move on as the cost of doubt was also to be hiked.