George laid down before Prince Phillip died. He didn’t feel 100% and he felt sick with worry about the duke of Edinburgh.

He’s not sure if he had COVID. He didn’t get a test.

He was going to get up when football was coming home but in the end he was glad he didn’t bother.

His friends visit him from time to time and tell him about world events. It makes him depressed and he stays still on the floor.

He’s sure he’s got the long COVID now. He feels like he may have got longer but he can’t tell.

It’s hard to measure your height when you’re laid on the floor with the long COVID.

You can donate to George on his go fund me. I’ll let you know when he sends me the link.

31cm x 29cm Giclee print on Hahnemühle Archival paper.

Limited edition of 25 copies printed & signed

Original painted with WATERCOLOUR by Merny
price available on request.

MAY 2021.