Am I Being Threatening? PRINT

  • Am I Being Threatening? PRINT


A4 PRINT on Hahnemühle Museum Etch Paper 350gsm.

My friend in Manchester recently made front page news when he was threatened with pepper spray and arrest for supposedly breachingt lockdown when he was delivering things and to vulnerable members of his family.

The officer was subsequently suspended for pepper spraying people later on and using excessive force.

In this instance my friend remained very calm despite the officer trying to antagonise him. Luckily this situation ended without him being detained or pepper sprayed or tased.

BAME people are statistically more likely to be stopped and searched by police and more likely to suffer injury or death at the hands of the police in the UK so there is clear similarities with the situation in the USA.

People online have been saying that the UK doesn’t have the same problems as the USA but statistics show BAME people are more likely to be subject to stop and search for example and also more likely to suffer injury or death under police restraint.

Tasers for example have killed almost 20 people in the Uk and the home office spent 7million this year on a further 8000 units. A coroners study said that number will certainly rose.

I find it hard to put things into words when it comes to highly complex and inflamed issues like this. I will be working to make more artwork that addresses issues like these in the future.

I hope that we can all work together to urgently make an equal society for all the different kinds of people who have to share this planet 🪐 as their home. In particular those who are so clearly disadvantaged and are rightly angry.

In the words of the mighty MC DRS “spread love”